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Friday, June 23, 2006

4 Alarm Warehouse Fire

Birmingham Fire & Rescue
Shoe Warehouse Fire - Part 1

On June 8th, Birmingham Firefighters responded to a 4 alarm fire at the Shoe Warehouse located at 1415 1st Avenue South. The fire was the largest in the city in almost 10 years.

Birmingham Fire & Rescue did a great job of extinguishing the huge blaze while, at the same time, preventing injuries to the public and emergency services personnel on the scene.

A special thank you to LT Carrillo and Wally Argus for sharing these amazing pictures! Wally has made his pictures available for purchase in various sizes at SmugMug. Be sure to check them out!

Birmingham News story

You can view other pictures from this fire at this link:
Shoe Warehouse Fire - Part 2
Shoe Warehouse Fire - Part 3

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Norwood House Fire

Birmingham Fire & Rescue

Birmingham Firefighters responded to a two-alarm house fire in the Norwood area of Birmingham earlier today. Immediately complicating their efforts upon arrival was the fact that the temperature was nearing 100 degrees and would go over 100 degrees during the fire.

Firefighters worked quickly to get a handle on the fire and protect two very close exposures. While there wasn't much the on-scene Firefighters could do for the home, they did save the neighboring residences from damage.

Due to the extreme heat, crews were rotated in every 15 minutes.

Companies on the scene included:

• Engines 1, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 23, 24, 29, 31
• Rescues 13, 22 & EMS 4
• Truck 1, PIO, FI4, Training
• Air Unit 2
• Battalions 2 & 3

Great job, as always!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Car Strikes House

Birmingham Fire & Rescue

LT Carrillo sent the following pictures of a car that ran into the corner of a house in Task Force 11's territory.

A special thank you to LT Carrillo for these pictures!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Turn Back The Clock pt. 17

Suburban & Hank's Ambulance, LifeSaver

Billy Kleiber shares this new set of pictures from the early to mid-80's when he worked for Suburban Ambulance Service and Hank's Ambulance Service. With Billy's permission, I also posted the stories and picture captions he included.

Thanks, Billy!

I have some pictures some where of the very first UAB truck's that were owned by the three different companies at the time. I think Charles King ran the first ever call, Bruce Bradshaw ran the second and I ran the third. Those were some of the best days of my life back then.

Some of the best, most dedicated people I have ever known worked at Suburban, Hank's and A&A. I am still identified by and defined by that time of my life in so many ways and I'm proud to have been a part of it. I'm not sure why I put all this on you, but it feels good to remember and tell the stories. Thanks for allowing me to do that!

"Billy the kid" when I ran out of gas in Fort Payne, AL because I forgot I had two gas tanks! Reno never let me forget that either!...

Billy, and his wife Dee, working on Hanks (713). This picture was in the magazine called "Medical Center" by UAB. (Winter 86-87)...

Billy, and his wife Dee, working on Hanks (713). This picture was in the magazine called "Medical Center" by UAB. (Winter 86-87)...

Bill Slaughter, the one in white is David Smith (BFD Eng.8 at the time) and James Adams....

Nan Cathers of Suburban Ambulance Service around 1984...

Bill Childs (now Dr. Childs, the head of an ER some where) and Nan Cathers of Suburban Ambulance Service around 1984...

The lifesaver picture was in 1981, I think. It was in the first days of lifesaver, in fact, after one of the first "in city" flights. My partner and I had to take the stretcher apart and reassemble it for them after it would not work when the patient got there. They gave us a t-shirt! Wow!...