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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Homewood MVA

Homewood Fire & Rescue
Regional Paramedical Services

Earlier this afternoon, Homewood and RPS responded to a 2 car MVA on 18th St., So. in front of the Post Office. Homewood Paramedics evaluated the patient, who later refused to be transported.

Monday, March 05, 2007

IFD / CVFD Woods Fires

Irondale Fire Department
Rex Lake / Cahaba Valley Fire Department

There were two rather large woods fires today. One in Irondale and the other in the Rex Lake area.

Irondale Fire Department responded to a woods fire off Old Leeds Road that took over an hour to extinguish. Cahaba Valley / Rex Lake Department responded to a woods fire off Hwy 119.

Considering how much wind there was and how dry conditions were, both departments did a great job of preventing these fires from running away.

Irondale Fire Department

Engine 1...

Engine 2...

Truck 2...

Cahaba Valley / Rex Lake Fire Department

This is a shot of the smoke that could be seen from Red Mountain in Birmingham...

Rex Lake Fire Department...