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Friday, August 26, 2005

Wylam House Fire

Birmingham Fire & Rescue

Birmingham Fire & Rescue responded to a house fire in the Wylam section of town this morning. The first units on the scene reported smoke and fire showing but because the crews jumped on the fire so quickly, they saved the house.

Another great save by Birmingham's Bravest.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stand-off With Two Hostages

Birmingham Police Department

I managed to grab some shots of a police stand-off in the Roebuck area yesterday. It was pretty exciting because I was there before the TAC team and got to watch the parade of police units and command vehicles. I was very impressed, to say the least.

Birmingham's finest handled the stand-off in a professional manner and because of that the situation ended peacefully.

Great job!

Birmingham News

Escapee cornered, surrenders
Bounty hunters looking for someone else called police
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
News staff writer

A jail escapee was cornered in a house in eastern Birmingham for three hours Monday before surrendering peacefully to a waiting police tactical team.

Johnathan Davis, 20, escaped from his Blount County jailers on July 23, Blount Chief Deputy Lonnie Staton said Monday.

"He was an inmate worker,"Staton said. "He was out mowing grass and he just walked off."

Davis was initially arrested there on a third-degree theft charge and was going to be allowed to sign his own bond after he served 30 days in jail, Staton said. He took off on his 18th day of incarceration and now faces at least one felony charge.

Authorities said bounty hunters looking for someone else encountered Davis inside 213 Killough Springs Road Monday morning and realized he, too, was wanted.

One of the bounty hunters devised a ruse to keep Davis there until police arrived. The bounty hunter told Davis they would take his truck to go buy drugs, but the bounty hunter pretended the truck was broken down.

While he and Davis worked on the truck to get it started, the other bounty hunter called police. When patrol officers arrived just before 11 a.m., Davis saw them, ran inside and refused to come out. (more...)

Command Center arriving...

Commanding officers entering the Command Center...

TAC Team unloading...

Bomb Squad and SWAT Command Center arrive...

SWAT Command Center...

Birmingham Bomb Squad...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Alabama LifeSaver

N93CH / N95CH

I stopped by to visit the crews at LifeSaver the other day. As many times as I've been on a scene where we had to call them, I thought it would be neat to drop by and get an up close look without the pressure of dealing with a patient.

When I arrived, two crews were at the Birmingham base. They showed me around and everyone there was as nice as they could be. (Thanks guys!)

Central Alabama is lucky to have such a valuable asset in patient care.


N93CH being restocked...


One of the crew members watching N95CH take off...

N95CH taking off...