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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Inverness Country Club Fire

Hoover Fire Department
North Shelby Fire Department

Hoover and North Shelby Fire Departments responded to the Inverness Country Club on a reported fire in the attic. Upon arrival, the fire was well on it's way to taking the building, making it hard for firefighters to do anything to bring about a save. No matter, Hoover and North Shelby gave it their all, like any professional firefighter would.

To make matters worse, firefighters on the scene had to battle the monster blaze, which could be seen for miles around, in near 100 degree heat. The intense heat was enough to send several firefighters to the hospital.

This morning, Hoover announced that the fire was arson and that they have a 14 year old in custody.

Hoover and North Shelby did an outstanding job of bringing the blaze to an end. The residents who are protected by these dedicated firefighters should be proud. Great job!

Inverness Country Club Fire Video:


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